Gary Clevenger

Gary Clevenger is a native of Indiana and was born after the sad demise of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, The Big Bopper and pilot Roger Peterson on 3rd February 1959. Gary is married with three kids and ten grandkids. His love for the music came from his teenage years listening to the old records of his family. He still remembers the impression that he had when he heard 'That'll be the day' for the first time.


Gary's first book ' Words Of Love 1959 -2009 '  which he wrote and compiled with the help of UK  friends Tony Warran and Peter Gibson sold over 250 copies and is still available as an Amazon Kindle E-book. The new book

" The Crickets / Six Decades Of Rock And Roll Memories " came out of an idea Gary had to put together a history of The Crickets,  especially as nothing of any substance had been done before,  and to couple it with ( similar to his 'Words of Love') fans' stories and interviews with the members  and friends of The Crickets.

Gary and his wife, presenting his heroes The Crickets: Sonny Curtis (left), Jerry "JI" Allison (on Gary's left) and Joe B Mauldin (right) with a copy of his first book "Words of Love 1959-2009"

Tony Warran

Tony Warran is a Londoner and was a child of 50's and 60's Rock 'n' Roll. He grew up listening to this sort of music from his early teens. Although Tony liked many artistes of that era, he had a particular liking for the sound of Buddy Holly and The Crickets, following them from 'That'll be the day through to the present time. Tony says that there are not many members of the Crickets that he has not seen perform at some stage or other in the UK and in the US. Lots of them many times.


Tony is a Chartered Accountant, now retired, and worked for over 35 years in the City of London. He is marred with three children and nine grand children. He collaborated with Gary Clevenger and his first book 'Words of Love 1959-2009', along with Peter Gibson.


In this latest book  'The Crickets / Six Decades Of Rock And Roll Memories' Tony took on the role of writing much of the bio with the help again of Peter Gibson but this time with the help and support of UK friends and Crickets experts Peter Fraser Dunnet and Frank Merrison.


The Crickets /Six Decades of Rock "n" Roll Memories is co-authored by him.

Gary and Tony believe that this book about the most iconic band of our generation and one that has been such an influence on numerous other rock bands will fill the gap that has been missing for many years.

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