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The first and only book about the iconic Rock ‘n’ Roll band The Crickets, from their early days with Buddy Holly, into the 1960s and right up to the present day.


Many books have been written about The Beatles & The Rolling Stones but NEVER a book about the group that influenced both bands ………..until now. Gary Clevenger  (US) & Tony Warran (UK) have taken the last two years with their project   - The Crickets - Six Decades Of Rock ‘n’ Roll Memories ( 592 pages ).
The book contains RARE photos and STORIES from many fans plus interview with all the main The Crickets including  JI , Joe B, Sonny , Keith Allison  Gordon Payne , Glen D Hardin , Buzz Cason and many many others.


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by Gary Clevenger (US) & Tony Warran (UK)



Finally, after creating some of the most influential Rock & Roll music in Rock history, a book about the troubadours of early modern music is in the process of being completed by Gary Clevenger & Tony Warran.


Much like Gary's first book "Words of Love - 1959-2009", a fan perspective book about Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, The Big Bopper and pilot Roger Peterson, full of fan experiences and memories, Gary and Tony bring us a very unique and the "only" book about "The Crickets" and their career over six decades, with memories from fans and interviews from fellow musicians & artists who worked with them during their long and iconic career. 


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Gordon Payne  (former Crickets Lead Singer & Guitarist)

"I grew up singing in the church with my father. I never heard my father mess up on a single note - If it wasnt for us kids, Im sure my father would have had his own career.  I began singing at such a early age in the church we attended , Im not sure exactly at what age I began my aspirations as a singer. JI ( Allison ) saw me perform one night - I wasn't with the Crickets at that time. After the show JI approached me and told me he was very impressed with my musical ability and asked me to join the band.  Of course I accepted ! "

Gary Tollett  (Singer/Songwriter and Backing Vocals on "That'll Be The Day")

"I think that its amazing that a group like the Crickets would have that much versatility . Groups may come and groups may go and you forget them.  Buddy's music keeps going".

Ramona Tollett  (Singer/Backing Vocals on "That'll Be The Day")


"I dont know the reason for it , I know that everything in this world is controlled by God . In my opinion , one of the reasons is that we can share our faith in God because of Buddy Holly".

Bob Hale (Disc Jockey & MC at the Surf Ballroom, Clear Lake, Iowa in Feb 1959)

"Because the show received such an explosive positive reaction, Buddy said he wanted to be sure to come to the SURF with the " Spring Dance Party " in June. That show was still being shaped. I told Buddy if there was time, the troupe could get in some swim and water ski time, because I had access to my neighbor’s speed boat. And, I said we’d have a bratwurst cookout. and that really hit home, because Buddy remarked how much they loved the bratwurst they’d had in Wisconsin."

Bob Hale

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